Winter coats for your body shape

Finding the perfect winter coat can be a daunting challenge. It has to be flattering, stylish, warm (quality and fabrics matter here) for those very cold days, and it has to fit with what we have in our wardrobes. So investing in a stylish winter coat is definitely worthwhile. Fit’s are important here as much as color and style. And so here’s a break down of my favorite winter coats fitted for your body shape. The styling trick is to balance the top half with the bottom half when dressing.

Winter Coat Maje
Hourglass (you’re a figure 8, and your waist is well defined from your top and bottom half.) The perfect coats are fitted coats with waist definition and/or belted.
#YourStyle pick: Grenat coat from Maje (coat image above)

Inverted Triangle (your shoulders and top half are larger than your bottom half, so your want to emphasize the lower half.) Your jacket fit needs to be double breasted and/or with a neutral top – e.g.: revered collars (sitting flat on the fabric).
#YourStyle pick: Galaxie wool coat from Maje (coat image below)

Galaxie Wool Coat

Oval (you carry most of your weight around the stomach area and above the hips.) Your ideal coat is waterfall and/or a deconstructed with details around the collar and below the hips.
#YourStyle pick: Wool coat from Zara (coat image below)

Zara Winter Coat

Rectangle (you’re straight from top to bottom and there is not much waist definition.) Your flattering jackets have waist definition and/or can be double breasted.
#YourStyle pick: Manora coat from Hugo Boss (coat image below)

Hugo Boss Winter Coat

Triangle (you carry most of your weight on the bottom half of your body, so you want to emphasize the top.)
Your coats should be either double breasted and/or have detail on the top half.
#YourStyle pick: Germinal coat from Maje (coat image below)

Winter Coat

Hugo Boss