Client Styling Session Benefits -'Katrien has made it so crystal clear, and now I can whip out my color palette on my phone anytime and see my shopping list for the missing pieces!'

We’ve all had moments and it could be weekly, where we just don’t know what to wear. You can’t see anymore what you have, what goes with what and end up pulling out that average top with that standard pair of jeans. The result is that you look and feel average (when you’re not!), your less impactful and it affects your entire mood for the rest of the day. So how you present yourself, look and wear affects ones own mood, self-confidence and energy–and in return also affect’s the mood of others around you.
Client Styling Session Benefits
Styling sessions are transformational and they allow you to re-evaluate your clothes, downsize to what you actually need, know what colors to wear and the styles that fit you for your lifestyle, body type, hair color and eyes. Overall they make your everyday life easier and more pleasurable knowing what you’ll wear, the positive impact it will create within yourself and towards others, and finally look and feel much better than before.

During one of my last styling sessions, my client was extremely happy to know finally what looked good and what she needed to get to complete her wardrobe.

Here is what she had to say:

”For the first time ever, I go into the shop with a mission, I know exactly what my eyes should scan for and what not to even bother looking at or trying on. Katrien has made it so crystal clear, and I can whip out my color palette on my phone anytime and see my shopping list for the missing pieces. Now when the sales assistant asks – what are you looking for I can respond and not give her my usual- which was: ‘just browsing….’
It saves me time and has shrunk my huge whatever wardrobe to a much smaller and useful wardrobe. 
A big thank you!!!!”

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