Inside the world of Sara Schlumpf - a local Zug Swiss Fashion Designer


Look 1 Photographer: Gerry Ebner

Last week I had the opportunity to interview a local Swiss Fashion designer – Sara Schlumpf in Zug. It was a fresh late summer day and the sun was out. I had parked my car near the lake and walked through Zug’s old town towards Kolinplatz No. 5.

As I was 30 minutes early, I took sometime to browse the windows of the chic Zug fashion boutiques–which pleasantly took me by surprise and then, just around the corner, found Sara Schlumpf’s window–fresh, elegant and very stylish. There she was sitting in her boutique – a beautiful tall red head, very welcoming and full of fashionably creative energy. I had to pinch myself several times and ask; are we really in Zug or in Paris?
Getting an insider glimpse and feel of Sara’s Fashion world – here are the questions I asked her:

Look 2 Photographer: Christof Schürpf

How did you become a fashion designer? It all started in 4th grade. I still remember that day very clearly. I was sitting in class, bored of what the teacher was saying and in my own world. Suddenly, it was like enlightenment – I thought to myself – I want to be an artist when I grow up. I want to work with paints and colors.

It was only later, when I realized I didn’t want to go to the local art school that decided to study fashion design in Paris. This resonated more with me – fashion has colors, fabrics and textures and is art. So that’s how it all began!
How long have you had your shop in Zug? Since 1994. My teacher in Paris told me, ‘Sara, I see you designing and having your own luxury boutique somewhere’, and she was right! I have clients that come in for special occasions but also have those just searching for ‘the perfect thing for her’. I often hear clients tell me about their stories; how it was the first time they got a compliment from another woman wearing one of my pieces.
I create garments that are all made-to-measure and that are both haute couture and prêt-a-porter. Every piece keeps its value and is endlessly stylish.
Designing fashion garments is like designing a building, every piece is important to take into account and especially where things are placed. When I design a piece, I study how the body moves whilst extenuating someone’s best features.

What type of pieces do you sell? I have dresses but also many skirts, corsets, trousers, blouses, jackets and blazers. I also recently branched out into designing my own jewelry – it’s a great way to accessorize everyday looks.Sara Schlumpf Fashion I like using natural fabrics in my clothing as is important for warmth. If you have a thin jacket and it’s lined with silk – it will keep you warm. All the inner linings of my pieces are in silk.
I also have a diverse selection of corsets. A corset can be worn on top of a skirt to make an overall boring skirt look glamorous, sexy and elegant.
Can you describe your typical week? It’s never the same – I would always love not to have to sleep. I’m constantly doing things; it’s non-stop in my head. My creative moments usually come at night – in a calmer setting and environment.
How and where do you get your inspirations from? They can come from houses, colors, objects, and exhibitions and from traveling. I often go back to Paris and explore other places culturally.

For a fashion escape that’s not too far away from home, visit Sara Schlumpf’s boutique on Kolinplatz 5 in Zug. For more information about Sara and her work visit:

Sources and details about the pieces:
Look 1 Photographer: Gerry Ebner
Model: Angela Spaeti
Sara Schlumpf corset silk mousseline with pearls CHF 2500.-
Sara Schlumpf skirt CHF 2700.-

Look 2 Photographer: Christof Schürpf
Model: Angela Spaeti
Sara Schlumpf silk satin duchesse CHF 1750.-
Sara Schlumpf skirt cotton CHF 2500.-

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