Slash Brand – Women’s Clothing that ‘Speaks to Us’ – Stylish & Modern

With an overcrowding styling tendency (mix-matching everything together), which is very present on the runways, in magazines and in the media, I personally tend to react with an overload of information, and run in the opposite direction – longing for clean lines, defined cuts and simplicity with a modern style.

More then a year ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Monika Jadach, the talented designer of a new Parisian women’s wear clothing line called ‘Slash Brand’. Everything that represented pure lines with unique sculptural volumes (statements) whilst having a modern flair was very present in her collection. I could really see both younger and older women wearing Slash Brand casually everyday, for the weekends and for business working life.
So many business women ask me the same question, 'how can I dress better at work without looking boring, and looking more updated or fashion-foreward?'. Slash Brand womenswear is definitely an answer, and can fix this problem for your everyday wardrobe working life.
The brand name reflects the concept of bringing together opposites – traditional/modern, urban/nature, masculine/feminine and then in return bringing a positively surprising and unexpected result.
With ethical production being at the forefront of the brand’s core values, Slash Brand collections are being produced in the European Union with fabrics coming from France and Italy.
Monika Jadach has created womenswear that is not only of high quality, but also is accessible to many. She offers fashion forward silhouettes that speak to women everywhere looking to be more stylish and modern in their everyday life. She works with noble and natural fabrics such as silk, wool, linen and cotton that are always pleasing to skin.      
Slash Brand has been supported by the ‘Fédération française de la Couture' and showcased by DEFI, the Designers Apartment in Paris, France. Today, Monika is working on finishing the creations of her Fall Winter 2017 collection, which I very much look forward to seeing soon.

If you are interested in having more information on Slash Brand or are an interested Retailer based in Switzerland, please contact Katrien Verhassel for more detailed information.

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Here are some inspirational and gorgeous winter days Slash Brand looks.
Slash Brand FW 2016Slash Brand FW 2016Slash Brand FW 2016Slash Brand FW 2016Slash Brand FW 2016

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Photographer Thomas Lavelle
Model Tanya C represented by Metropolitan Models Paris