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Wardrobe Styling @ Your Home - It's about creating a holistic wardrobe for everyone

A lot of people have asked ‘what happens when you have a wardrobe styling session with a client at home?’So here I’ve listed in brief what happens to ensure that when I leave – everyone has the tools they need to dress and style better and have a ‘holistic wardrobe’.Review the wardrobe and work with the colors and pieces that are still actual and create several outfits with them – each outfit has styling tips added to it. I create outfits that flatter your color type and body shape, and fit your personality +lifestyle.With only 12 pieces in your wardrobe you can create 20+ different looks –I define the 12 pieces needed and filter out the old and non-flattering in...

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Bringing Swiss fashion to one platform at Mode Suisse edition 8

Monday’s Mode Suisse showroom event, panel discussion and fashion show was inspirational and showcased 9 talented Swiss designers. Mode Suisse was founded by Yannick Aellen who’s intent is to support, expose and provide a platform to designer’s in Switzerland so buyers, fashion media, industry heads and fashion lovers meet to see collections for future collaborations. The panel discussion ‘Lobbying in fashion – supporting Switzerland’s creative industry’ moderated by Christina Duss (from the Sonntagszeitung) raised many issues on the table. Issues raised included the overabundance of designer’s in the marketplace, Switzerland being a difficult market to penetrate, a gap between designer’s and the end-consumer, fast-fashion and how consumer behaviour to buy cheap decreases the value and notion to what it actually...

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Winter coats for your body shape

Finding the perfect winter coat can be a daunting challenge. It has to be flattering, stylish, warm (quality and fabrics matter here) for those very cold days, and it has to fit with what we have in our wardrobes. So investing in a stylish winter coat is definitely worthwhile. Fit’s are important here as much as color and style. And so here’s a break down of my favorite winter coats fitted for your body shape. The styling trick is to balance the top half with the bottom half when dressing. Hourglass (you’re a figure 8, and your waist is well defined from your top and bottom half.) The perfect coats are fitted coats with waist definition and/or belted.#YourStyle pick: Grenat...

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