Styling Testimonials

Happy styling client experiences with Katrien Verhassel.
From seasonal wardrobe styling, to a personalized shopping styling and styling workshops offered to corporate businesses and private clients, here are some styled client story testimonials to inspire you.

Luke Bragg, Digital Strategist
Private Business Entrepreneur Client - Luzern, Switzerland
Wardrobe Styling  
 'A few years ago when I started my digital advisory business I knew my personal brand was going to play a role in presenting a professional look to my prospective clients. Clothes make the man, as they say. In my previous career I rarely had to wear a suit and didn’t have much of a wardrobe for more formal settings. And more importantly I didn’t know where to start.
By working with Katrien I was able to build a business casual/formal wardrobe that I was excited about and feel comfortable in. And by developing a color palette it made it so much easier when I had to go shopping (something I don’t normally like to do). I now have comfortable, stylish suits and shirts that I look forward to wearing. My wardrobe gives me confidence going into even the most stressful of client meetings. One less thing to worry about!
Katrien brings a unique voice and expertise to the process and she was a joy to work with. I hope she’ll have time in the future to expand my wardrobe even further!'

PWN Styling Workshop
Katia Triggiani, President
PWN Professional Women's Network - Munich, Germany
Styling Workshop 
'Great event, never seen such a workshop where every participant got attention & consultancy. Really impressive Katrien Verhassel, your passion and empathy with other people. For sure we will see us again!'
PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Luzern Switzerland 
Styling Workshop
'We loved the Workshop!' – PricewaterhouseCoopers AG Luzern & Zug Switzerland Team
Mumthaz Kasim - Financial Planning, Dubai, MSD Gulf region
MSD Merck Sharp & Dohme AG, Luzern Switzerland
Positive Impactful Dressing Training   
'This is the first time during my professional career that I got an opportunity to attend a session on something like Dress For Success. The caption says it all. 

During our busy & hectic schedules we often forget or do not pay attention to the way we dress or never ask ourselves if we are presentable or not. This training for me was an eye opener and gave me insight into how important it is to devote sometime for yourself and make yourself presentable which could boost your confidence. The first impression is indeed the best impression and lasts long. So why not capitalize on that. As we grow up the ladder we would be expected to meet new stakeholders and if by a little effort from my side we could make myself look presentable and strike an impression then why not?

The trainer made the session was very interactive and demonstrated live examples by choosing participants from the audience which was interesting. Overall we enjoyed the session.'

Viktoria Rasmussen - Luzern, Switzerland
Wardrobe Styling 
‘The new outfits made positive impressions at work, on the street and with my husband.' 

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